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STEP 1: Fill out an application online at

STEP 2: We will draft a lease with the information provided on the application and email it to you for your review. 

STEP 3: Once you're done reviewing the lease and decides to move forward, we will need to either run a soft pull credit check that costs $39.99 or you can email us a copy of your current credit report. Once we review your credit we will let you know our decision. The next step will be signing the lease. 

Rental Application

We will email the lease via Adobe Acrobat Sign to collect your signature. Tenant and Landlord sign the lease electronically. 


Once you've signed the lease you will be required to provide:

-Your government issued ID

- Proof of Commercial Liability Insurance in the form of a COI. We DO NOT require Renter's Insurance.


- We use the service RentRedi for all deposit and rent payments. You can either download the app to your phone or use the online portal to make payments. You will need to create an account with the same email provided on your application to be connected to your unit. Once you're connected to your unit, you will be able to use a bank account or a credit card to pay your deposit and rent every month. We advise you to use a bank account to make payments because the fee is only $1 per transaction. For credit card transactions the fee is 3.1% plus $0.30.

Pay your rent here

Find the tenant's RentRedi help page here.


- A property manager will meet you on move-in day to make sure you have everything you need to get settled. They will go over the location of common areas, dumpsters and mailboxes. They will also show you how to use the intercom system, thermostats and digital locks.

Moving in

DUMPSTERS: The Tenant is required to properly dispose of all on-site generated trash by utilizing the designated dumpster provided. Cardboard materials must be broken down flat and deposited in the specifically designated cardboard dumpster. No off-site generated trash is permitted for disposal on the premises. In the event that an increase in the frequency of garbage pick-up is necessitated due to the Tenant's generated waste, the Tenant shall be responsible for covering the associated additional costs. Should the volume of waste exceed reasonable limits, the Tenant agrees to arrange for and maintain their own dumpster at their expense. 

MAILBOX: The Tenant shall be provided with one (1) mailbox key for access to the designated mailbox assigned to the leased premises. It is the responsibility of the Tenant to ensure the safekeeping of the mailbox key at all times. In the event that the Tenant loses or misplaces the mailbox key, Tenant agrees to promptly notify the Landlord and shall be responsible for a replacement fee of $25.00. The replacement key shall be provided to the Tenant within a reasonable timeframe following payment of the replacement fee.

THERMOSTATS: The thermostats regulating the heating and cooling systems within the leased premises are initially set at a comfortable temperature. Tenants have the liberty to adjust the temperature settings to their personal preferences. The landlord shall not interfere in temperature control or favor one tenant's preferences over another's, ensuring fair and equal access to thermostat adjustments.

WI-FI: Wi-Fi: If Wi-Fi is included in the lease, the Tenant understands that this is a Broad Network Access. Due to the nature of the internet, the Landlord does not guarantee specific levels of performance or connectivity. Speed of service and uninterrupted and/or error free service is not guaranteed. It is the tenant's responsibility to purchase any kind of booster necessary to extend the existing Wi-Fi if the tenant is not satisfied with the speed and/or connectivity of the internet.

DIGITAL LOCKS: The Landlord will configure the office digital locks using a code supplied by the Tenant at no charge. Should the Tenant opt to modify the code, a fee of $75.00 will be incurred, payable by the Tenant prior to the changing of the code.

INTERCOM SYSTEM: See instructions

PAINTING THE OFFICE: Should the Tenant desire to paint the walls of the leased premises any color other than neutral, the Tenant hereby agrees to remit an additional one-month security deposit to the Landlord prior to commencing painting activities. Upon conclusion of the lease term, the paint deposit shall be refunded to the Tenant provided the walls are restored to their original neutral color. Failure to return the walls to neutral shall grant the Landlord the authority to utilize the paint deposit for the purpose of restoring the walls to their original state, without further consent or notice to the Tenant.

If you have an emergency, please TEXT  917-676-8461.

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